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NURI kindergarten and childcare is a leading, multi award winning, established, english medium preschool in Johor Bahru

Give YOUR child the big Head Start he or she deserves with NURI in Johor Bahru. Each Nuri child embarks on an adventure in total development they can’t get anywhere else.


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How to Register for 2018! Register for 2018 before 8th Jan 2017 to be eligible for special bursary rate for kindergarten (save up [...]


Nuri Excursion 2017

A tribute to our beautiful students. A tribute to our loving students since 1990. We thank all our alumni and our beloved [...]

NURI kindergarten utilizes a comprehensive English Medium S.T.E.Ps learning program, complete with elective modules like Mandarin, Tamil and Islamic Studies, all in one package

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About Us

“To introduce and adopt the NURI approach to Early Childhood Education to all Pre Schoolers, aged 3 to 6 years old, in Malaysia”

“To ensure parents know how  effective, holistic, creative and fun the NURI approach is – by agreeing that their child is advanced in reading, writing, speaking, socializing, counting, memorizing and being morally upright”

“We understand your need for an affordable, safe and effective preschool because we are parents too and we send our children to NURI.”

Why Parents Trust NURI

NURI Kindergarten Program

NURI Junior Academy kindergarten program. It is a 4 hours comprehensive and academically rich kindergarten program for ages 3 – 6 and it introduces a world of fun hands on learning, sharing and exploring to make Standard 1 readiness a priority for your children.

  • 4hrs half day learning program
  • Ages 3 to 6 years old
  • Mondays to Fridays – some branches operate on Sundays too
  • 1st Session : 8am to 12noon
  • 2nd Session : 12noon to 4pm
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NURI Childcare Program

NURI Creative Academy is an 8 hrs holistic development program. It enhances the Junior Academy program with a Meal & Nap Package, Creative Play Activities, Focused Development and Enrichment Programs.

  • A 8 hours full day total development program
  • Ages 3 to 6 years old
  • Mondays to Fridays – some branches operate on Sundays too
  • Time : 8am to 5pm
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NURI S.T.E.P.S Education

NURI utilizes its very own S.T.E.P philosophy in early child education. Our R&D spent years developing a philosophy which permeates our approach to pre-school education ranging from

  • Our very own proprietary Lessons, Books, Teaching Aids and Teaching methodology
  • The environment which is safe and conducive to fun, hands on learning for preschoolers

  • Excursions, Events and Activities with specific developmental objectives
  • Our Training for Teachers in terms of approach to pre-schoolers and how to deal with specific child related issues
  • Parent Communication, Involvement, S.T.E.P Training and Activities
  • Evidence based Education where progress is charted and areas of improvement noted.

NURI Student Alumni

NURI is proud to have over 26000 student alumni. We do keep track of our alumni and are proud that they are leading meaningful, successful, prosperous and happy lives. A substantial number of them have grown up to become successful businesspersons, prominent civil servants and leaders of industries. We also have alumni who are management staff and is keen to continue a tradition of excellence in early childhood education.

Student Alumni

NURI Testimonials

My niece has been with NURI Tmn Perling for 3 years, i really can see the improvement with her since she joined Nuri. She has been very independent, outspoken and as well as she can master in 3 languages- english, bahasa and mandarin. i”m very pleased with the services that the centre provide, the teachers are very caring and concern. Would like to show my gratitute to all the teachers and principal in Nuri Tmn Perling, you all are the BEST.
Mr & Mrs . Vikneshwaran & V.J.Pramila

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Let your child embark in an exciting journey of exploration, self-discovery, inspiration, fun learning, confidence building and socializing in NURI

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