How to Register for 2018!

Did you know that children up to 6 years of age are virtually capable of everything?

Their brain is still developing which is why assimilating new information, knowledge and skills comes almost natural to them.

Make the smart choice and trust NURI to bring out the best version of your precious son or daughter and unlock their true potential.

Our unique kindergarten and childcare services are more than just a pre-school education. They are a learning experience. An experience every child deserves to live, an experience that will arm your child with the tools necessary to build the right foundation for life itself.

Now is the time to act! Call your nearest branch or submit your information for a free quote!

How to Register?

  • Fill up this Enrollment Application FormYou can also fill it up at the branch.

  • Please bring the following items:

    • Parents MyKad
    • Child’s MyKid
    • Birth Certificate or Passport (for non-Malaysians)
    • 4x Passport size photos
  • A minimum sum of  RM 600 to Rm 900 for the Booking Fees.

  • Early booking is recommended so as not to be disappointed.

  • The best time to schedule an appointment is from 1pm to 4pm.

  • In order to reserve a spot for your child, you only need to place a booking fee.

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